List of Combat Aircraft From China

List of Combat Aircraft From China – As we all know that every country must have an aircraft that serves to protect the defense and integrity that exists within the country. While modernizing its air force, China confidently provides its troops with fighter jets and domestically made aircraft that are no less sophisticated. China’s power in the air cannot be underestimated either. Global Fire Power even puts China as the third country in the world with the largest air force power.

China’s fighter jets continue to grow and become more sophisticated. In fact, China is also moving forward by claiming to have developed a fifth-generation stealth fighter jet.

List of Combat Aircraft From China

Sukhoi Su-35
The Su-35 is considered one of the best non-stealth fighter jets and rivals many fourth-generation fighters from the West. This fighter jet made by Sukhoi adopts the Saturn AL-41F1S engine which is capable of supporting supercruising, or the ability to maintain supersonic flight without the use of afterburners. The Su-35 combines a high-performance aerodynamic design with improved avionics systems, has an advanced targeting system, and is capable of carrying a large number of weapons. This fighter jet is capable of reaching a top speed of 2,400 kilometers per hour.

Shenyang FC-31
Shenyang FC-31 aka J-31 is the second fifth generation fighter jet from China. This fighter jet is manufactured by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation. This fighter jet will be introduced to the Chinese Air Force. The FC-31 is also said to be still less sophisticated than its predecessor, the J-20. Some foreign experts, especially from the US, suspect that the FC-31 is on par with other fifth-generation fighters.

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Chengdu J-7
The J-7 is the Chinese version of the Soviet-era Mig-21 fighter jet and first flew in 1966. To date, the fighter jet made by the Chengdu Aerospace Corporation is still in service despite the fact that it is no longer in production. More than 300 J-7s are estimated to be still in service in China’s air force and navy. Some countries also use the J-7 such as Iran, Egypt, and Myanmar.

Chengdu J-20
The J-20 is a fifth-generation fighter jet made by the Chengdu Aerospace Corporation of China. The company introduced the J-20 in 2017 and is currently the country’s best fighter jet. After being in development for more than 20 years, the J-20 finally flew for the first time in 2011. After being flown for the first time, the aircraft’s design underwent several changes. The changes include new intakes, a new stealth coating, and a new vertical stabilizer design. Despite some problems that arose after production, the J-20 was Asia’s first fifth-generation fighter jet