US will send aid to Ukraine

US will send aid to Ukraine

US will send aid to Ukraine – As many of us know that the war between Russia and Ukraine is still ongoing to complicate the situation. The United States Senate (US) agreed to pass a new bill on an aid package for Ukraine worth 40 billion dollars or around Rp. 586.6 trillion on Thursday (19/5/22). The bill was delayed because a member of the Senate rejected it.

US President Joe Biden is said to be signing the bill so that it officially becomes law during his visit to South Korea. He will also announce the latest aid worth 100 million dollars or Rp. 1.4 trillion.

The passage of the bill will make the US continue to be committed to helping Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion. In the law, money will be provided for military and humanitarian assistance.

Earlier, President Biden had said that aid funds for Ukraine were running out.

1. To meet the needs of the Ukrainian people

The US has said it will not help Ukraine by sending troops in the face of a Russian attack. However, Washington is committed to helping Kiev in the form of weapons and other assistance.

In its latest attempt, the US Senate passed a bill containing a $40 billion aid package.

“This is a great package, and it will meet the great needs of the Ukrainian people as they fight for their survival,” said Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

President Biden praised the decision to pass the bill and said it was a clear message to the world, “that the American people stand with the brave people of Ukraine as they defend their democracy and freedom.”

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2. Republican senators have postponed voting

Joe Biden initially submitted a proposal for additional aid to Ukraine worth 33 billion dollars or Rp483.7 trillion. However, the US parliament actually increased the budget to 40 billion dollars (Rp 586.6 trillion).

The vote to pass the bill resulted in 86 members in favor and 11 members against. Reported by Le Monde, all members who oppose are from the Republican Party and many of them are supporters of former President Donald Trump.

The decision to pass the aid package to Ukraine was delayed because of the move by Republican Senator Rand Paul. But Senator Schumer took to his personal critique, calling Paul’s move disgusting and saying the delay would strengthen Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“They (Ukraine) are fighting. They are the ones who are being killed. They are the ones who are fighting and suffering. The least we can do is give them the weapons they need,” Schumer said before the Senate vote.

3. Biden announces new aid of IDR 1.4 trillion

President Biden plans to sign the aid bill that has been passed by the Senate into law. But before that, the Biden government will announce a new aid package to Ukraine worth $100 million.