The Biggest Airplane in the World

The Biggest Airplane in the World – Usually we board a plane with a very reasonable size plane. The plane basically has a shape that adapts to a lot of capacity to be carried. But did you know that there are passenger planes with a large enough capacity. Not many people can try to ride this biggest plane. Here is a list of the largest passenger planes in the world.

1. Airbus A380-800

Airbus A380 manufactured by Airbus S.A.S. is a two-story wide-body aircraft, with four engines capable of carrying 850 passengers in a one-class configuration or 555 passengers in a three-class configuration. The aircraft made its maiden flight on 27 April 2005 and commenced commercial flights in late 2007 after several delays. This aircraft is also the largest commercial aircraft (passenger aircraft) ever made, until it was nicknamed “Superjumbo”.

2. Boeing 747

Following its predecessor, the Boeing 747, also known as the Jumbo Jet, is the second largest wide-body passenger aircraft today, after the A380 aircraft in late October 2007. This four-engine aircraft, manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes, uses a two-deck configuration where the upper deck used for business class. The 3-class configuration (first class, business class and economy class) can accommodate 400 passengers and the 1-class configuration (economy class only) can accommodate 600 passengers.

3. Boeing 747-400

The Boeing 747-400 is a development of its predecessor, the Boeing 747. This aircraft also has a large body like its predecessor.

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4. Boeing 777

The Boeing 777 is a family of wide-body aircraft manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. This Boeing 777 is also one of the largest jet-engined aircraft and has a capacity for 314 to 451 passengers flying along 9,695 to 17,594 km. The airline from Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia, apparently has this plane, you know. And interestingly, Garuda Indonesia’s Boeing 777, which is capable of long-distance coverage, uses an engine produced by General Electric, the GE90.

5. Airbus A340

The Airbus A340 is a large commercial passenger aircraft manufactured by Airbus. It has a design similar to the Airbus A330 type but the A340 uses four engines not just two like the A330. It was intended to replace previous generation aircraft such as the Boeing 747 but this latter variant now competes with the Boeing 777. More than 370 A340s were in service worldwide as of September 2010. Production of the A340 officially closed in the third half of 2011.

6. Boeing 777-200

The Boeing 777-200 is a twin-engine jet aircraft manufactured by Boeing, the American aerospace company. This plane is also often referred to as the “Triple Seven”. This aircraft is the first commercial aircraft in the world to be completely computer designed.

7. Airbus A350 XWB

The Airbus A350 XWB (eXtra Wide Body) is a family of wide-body jets under development by European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. The A350 will be the first Airbus aircraft to have both wing structures made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer. The aircraft will carry 270-350 passengers in third class seats, depending on the variant.