Reasons to Take a Plane for Homecoming

Reasons to Take a Plane for Homecoming – Hari Raya is a day where people gather to celebrate an event together. Hari Raya can be celebrated with friends, girlfriends or family. Hari Raya is a holiday for traveling to the hometown. Some people go home using land transportation, but there are also those who use air transportation, namely planes. With planes we can cover long distances. Most people use planes to cover distances quickly and of course comfortably. Here are the reasons people choose to take a plane to go home.

1. Faster to arrive
The main reason many people go home by plane is because the travel time is short. Moreover, if the hometown is a city outside the island, it will certainly be faster if taken by plane. In addition, going home by plane can also save your body’s energy. So that when going home during the month of Ramadan, you can still fast comfortably.

2. Flying is safer
Aircraft transportation mode has less risk of accidents compared to other transportation, such as land transportation which every year takes a toll. By choosing a plane, you will feel safer during the trip.

You also don’t have to worry about crimes, such as pickpockets or hypnotized events that often occur at bus or train terminals.

3. No need to jostle
You can imagine how full the trains are when going home, especially when queuing to buy tickets or printing tickets, plus when passengers are scrambling to get in and out of the train.

You will not encounter this kind of condition if you take an airplane, a comfortable air-conditioned waiting room with a number of passengers that will not exceed capacity, and the ease of buying tickets or printing tickets. Now there are lots of online travel agents that have an electronic ticket feature when ordering from an application on a smartphone.

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4. Save a lot of cost
Without us realizing it, going home by plane can be more efficient than other ways. Going home with a private vehicle can be much more expensive, because we have to spend money on gasoline and also the cost of vehicle maintenance, especially the engine. Not to mention other costs, such as food costs and other unexpected costs during the trip.

5. No need to bother with luggage
The existence of luggage facilities makes travelers do not have to bother with a lot of luggage. With this facility, you don’t have to bother carrying bags, suitcases, or boxes of goods everywhere while waiting for departure. When you check-in, you just have to register and hand it over, then you can pick it up again when you arrive at the destination airport.

6. More flexible schedule
The many choices of airlines and schedules offered make going home by airplane much more flexible. You can choose your flight time from dawn to dusk. In addition, you can also order tickets in advance.

In general, sales of train or bus tickets for going home are only opened before the homecoming season. Meanwhile, you can already order airplane tickets for going home, even a year earlier.