Stages in Aircraft Making

Stages in Aircraft Making – Often we travel out of town or abroad by plane. An aircraft that is so large and can accommodate many passengers has special technology built into it. Because of the importance of the aircraft, its development and production is also interesting to highlight. The process and stages of making aircraft are quite complicated and take a long time. Well, here’s an easy-to-understand airplane manufacturing process. Come on, watch to the end!

1. Design

Design is the earliest stage in the development of an aircraft. Here, the engineers will draw up a blueprint or what can be called a blueprint.

They use special computers to draw, plan, and model airplane designs. This stage of the design process can take up to 4 full years from initial conception to the next stage.

Stages in Aircraft Making

2. Simulation

After passing the design stage, the engineers began to simulate the performance of the aircraft based on their calculations. This stage focuses on the effect of the wind that occurs when the plane is flying.

Generally, engineers use a miniature aircraft and simulate it in a wind tunnel or it can also be called a wind tunnel. Then the simulation results are modeled again using a special computer.

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3. Construction

Now, after all the design and simulation stages of the aircraft are completed, the components of the aircraft will begin to be made. Airframe, wings, and engines began to be produced. Thousands of smaller components are also made at this stage.

Often, the parts are made separately at several companies. Even large companies like Boeing often buy components from other companies that specialize in certain parts.

However, at this stage, several smaller components also need to be joined together by welding. The process must also meet very strict regulations and standards.

4. Assembly

Once the aircraft parts are finished, they are sent to the main factory to begin assembly. At this stage, parts of the aircraft such as the body and wings will be put together, as well as the engine and other components. Furthermore, after everything is assembled and put together, the aircraft will be inspected carefully and thoroughly.